The Guardian 03 February 2021          "Asylum Seeker cannot remain at Kent army barracks, court says"

RT UK News 03 February 2021            "Court Rules Asylum Seeker 'cannot remain' at Napier Barracks"

iNews 29 May 2020                               "How people with no recourse to public funds are surviving in the Coronavirus pandemic"

Youth Time Magazine  24 October 2018: "Discover EU: Free Train Travel for Teens.."

BUILA  24 October 2018:                        "UK Home Office grants visa to visiting student after media uproar"

The Independent 22 October 2018:       "Amsterdam University student granted UK visa after Home Office U-turn"

BBC News 22 October 2018:                  "Student granted UK visa after media uproar"

24 SATA  22 October 2018:                     "Studentici iz BiH zabranili ulaz u V. Britaniju: 'Nece se vratiti!'"  22 October 2018:           "Amsterdam University student denied entry to UK for conference"

16 May 2018:


Interviewed by Iain Dale on LBC Radio re Labour's new immigration policy announcement, and "what does a fair immigration system look like."

LAG Magazine August 2018:           "EU citizens' rights after Brexit - the latest state of affairs"

Europe Street News 21 July 2018:   "What happens if there is no Brexit deal"

The Guardian 06 July 2018:             "Lawyer blames visitor visa refusals on 'deep underlying racism'"      

The Guardian 06 July 2018:             "Visitor visas refused: Nigerian family blocked from attending wedding"

Europe Street News 25 June 2018:  "Why the offer to EU nationals in the UK is "insufficient""

The Guardian 24 June 2018:            "Slash 'obscene' Home Office fees, say MPs and campaigners"

Mail Online  14 May 2018:               "Queen's distant cousin, 71, could be deported to South Africa despite her serious health condition after

                                                            Home Office refuses visa because 'she knows the culture there' "

01 May 2018:


Interviewed by Shelagh Fogarty on LBC Radio re Windrush, Hostile Environment and the new Home Secretary appointment.

18 April 2018:


Interviewed by BBC South News about impact of hostile


environment in the wake of the Windrush scandal.


(Case of Nick Monaghan).

01 Feb 2018:


Expert panellist presenting evidence at the 


European Parliament Joint Hearing on


"Citizens Rights After Brexit" 


Brussels, Belgium.

The Guardian 30 Jan 2018:      "Skilled migrants protest against UK visa policies"

BBC News 03 Oct 2017:          "Home Office's 'inhospitable' approach over visa delays, says lawyer"

                                                  "Home Office visa delays 'inhumane'

Euronews 05 Sep 2017:          "MEPs hear NGOs on Brexit rights"

Europe Street News 21 Jul 2017: "What Happens If There Is No Brexit Deal"

11 May 2017: Expert presenting evidence at European Parliament Joint Hearing on "The Situation and Rights of EU Citizens in the UK"

BBC News 11 May 2017:        "Brexit: MEPs hold hearing on EU citizens' rights"

Euronews 11 May 2017:         "Activists urge early deal on EU citizens rights"

JCWI 25 Nov 2016:                  "What's nest for Immigration Tribunal Fees?"

Gray's Inn 26 Oct 2016:           "Bar Council News Update"

Our Response to Proposals to Hike Immigration and Asylum Tribunal Fees: In April 2016, the Ministry of Justice launched a consultation inviting responses on their proposals for measures affecting the First-Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chambers) and Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber):

Chambers Response to Immigration/Asylum Tribunal Fees Consultation
Adobe Acrobat Document 492.3 KB


Myrtle Cothill Campaign - Bid to Change Adult Dependant Relative Rule 

IOL News 07 Mar 2016:           "Woman, 92, wins fight to stay in UK"

EWN  06 Mar 2016:                   "Elderly SA woman spared deportation from UK"

The Independent 06 Mar 2016: "Myrtle Cothill: 92-year-old widow saved from deportation to South Africa after petition calls on Home Office

                                                     to overturn decision"

Times Live 06 Mar 2016:         "SA granny, 92, won't be deported from UK"

ITV Meridian News 05 Mar 2016: "Widow told she CAN stay in the UK in Home Office U-turn"

                                                     "Widow saved from deportation following public outcry"

                                                    "92-year-old widow saved from deportation after public outcry"

ENCA News 05 Mar 2016:        "South African woman, 92, wins right to stay in UK"

BBC News 05 Mar 2016:           "Home Office drop deportation of 92-year-old woman"

Morning Star 24 Feb 2016:       "Gran fearing deportation 'wants to die' " 22 Feb 2016: "Home Office CANCELS order to deport frail widow, 92, back to South Africa where she has no close

                                                          family after public outcry"

ENCA News 22 Feb 2016:         "UK government yet to decide on deportation of SA woman"

EWN  21 Feb 2016:                    "UK Govt overturns decision to deport SA widow"

BBC News 20 Feb 2016:            "Deportation of woman, 92, 'against human rights' "

ITV News 19 Feb 2016:             "Home Office cancels deportation order against widow, 92"

                                                    "Widowed 92-year-old will be deported to South Africa despite huge online petition"

Heart Solent News                     Live 19 Feb 2016 

BBC News 18 Feb 2016:          "Woman, 92, to be deported to South Africa"

Mail Online 18 Feb 2016:       "Frail widow, 92, will be deported from UK where she is cared for by her only child and sent back to South   

                                                  Africa where she has no close family" 

South Coast Herald 26 Jan 2016: "Granny (91) fights deportation"

ENCA 07 Jan 2016:                  "Loved ones plead with British officials to halt deportation"

ITV News 22 Dec 2015:            "More than 45,000 sign petition to stop widow's deportation"

ITV Meridian News 03 Dec 2015: "Pensioner, 92, threatened with deportation"

Londra Gazete 12 Nov 2015: Editorial on the particular effects of the abolition of appeal rights and need for Administrative Review on the Turkish Community and Ankara Agreement Applications (pages 7 & 12 of Issue 767 - 12 November 2015).