Family Reunification

Separation from children, elderly or dependent relatives, fiancées, spouses or civil partners is hard on all those concerned and being aware of the requirements for family members joining you in the UK is absolutely vital in order to prepare an application for entry clearance or in contesting a refusal of entry clearance or leave to remain on appeal.

Jan regularly advises clients on applications for entry clearance or leave to remain and represents in appeals for family reunion, be it in relation to spousal, fiancé(e) and partner visas, applications for children to join a parent, adoptive parent or stepparent. He also regularly advises on applications of other dependent relatives under the Immigration Rules, under EC law provisions and under European Human Rights Law (article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights).


He can assist you in:

- making an application for entry clearance for temporary leave or settlement


- represent you/your relatives on appeal if you/they have received a refusal of an entry clearance or further leave to remain


- assist in challenging a UKBA decision on judicial review


- draft a “fresh claim” when the appeal process has been exhausted

Success stories


Jan has successfully represented innumerable clients who were refused by the UKBA or entry clearance posts, inter alia, on the basis of:

- disputed family relationships


- disputed dependency of relatives


- allegations that applicants did not intend to live permanently with the other as his or her spouse or civil partner and that the relationship was not subsisting


- alleged lack of funds/maintenance and accommodation to maintain an applicant or disputed source of funds


- the fact that children had reached the age of 18 


- Entry Clearance Posts maintaining that the parent in the UK did not have ‘sole responsibility’ for his/her children abroad.


Jan will make sure that your best case is put forward in applications and on appeal and will fight to maximise your chances to be reunited with your loved ones.