PBS (Points Based System)

Jan can advise you on all aspects of the Points-Based System (PBS) and the requirements under Tiers 1, 2, 4 and 5, as well as for settlement, in this fast moving and ever changing area of business immigration.


If instructed, Jan will provide you with thorough advice on your options including on the requirements in terms of supporting documentation for initial applications and/or extension applications and will make sure that your application is meticulously prepared.


If you are seeking to challenge or appeal against a refusal of an initial application, Jan will represent you and your business interests fearlessly.


Jan is particularly interested and specialised in representing business men and women whether entrepreneurs, owners of small businesses (see also ‘Ankara Agreements’) or large scale investors. He is aware of the particular needs of business persons and works with other business to ensure his clients’ access to a wide range of services.